Wellness Coach for Family

Wellness Coach for Family

DNA Transformation Program
Scientists prove that DNA can be reprogrammed by Words & Frequencies and YES, it’s TRUE.

Completely Rebuild Your Body from the Inside Out

Using your emotions is just one way to change your DNA. There are many other ways that are easy for you to do in the privacy and comfort of your own home – without any medical intervention whatsoever. By tapping into the science of epigenetics, you can rewrite the way your genes express themselves and...

Stomach Lining Food for Stomach Lining

Stomach Lining Build in 5 days’

Your stomach lining also replaces it itself about every 7-10 days because your stomach acid is so strong.

Skin Food for skin

Skin Build in 30 day’s (1Month’s)

Science shows that lifestyle & diet accounts for 90% of aging & disease. Radically transform to more youthful & radiant skin.

Liver Food for liver

Liver Build in 6 Weeks

Detox your body Detox liver intestines blood gallbladder kidneys pancreas. What to eat to cleanse your body

Bone Food for

Bones Build in bones 3 Months

The foods you eat shape the health of your microbiome, which in turn shapes your health, diabetes, obesity and bone diseases .

Blood Food for Blood Build

Blood Build in 4 Months

The genes in virtually all of your cells may be influenced by the nutrients available to them, which are supplied via your food choices

Brain Food for brain

Brain Build itself in 1 Year

The foods you eat, sleep patterns, exercise, emotional states, and stress level influence your brain from one moment to the next.

Know How to Reprogram Your DNA

You have the power to reprogram your genes – and radically transform your health destiny!

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Who can Take this program?

Anyone willing to make positive changes in their lives. Any Individual can help himself Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!

Private Phone or Skype Coaching

You can begin the process of making dramatic changes in your life from the privacy of your home or office, anywhere in the world.

I offer telephone or Skype coaching for 60 minute sessions long-term clients.

As a skilled coach, I listen intuitively for the speed, tone and words that you communicate and help you uncover your own power and self-knowledge in highly-effective telephone coaching sessions. (In person sessions, also available.)

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