Let in the abundance of happiness, prosperity, opportunities, pleasure and joy into your heart.

Tune Into Abundance

Acknowledge, Accept, and Embrace Your Abundant Nature

Who can take this program?

  • Anyone willing to make positive changes in their lives. Any Individual can help himself with the healing & transformational energies to bring positive changes in life for good health, success, joy, peace, prosperity and abundance in life.
  • Corporate professional : Relaxation , Stress reduction , focus on work , self confidence , achievement of targets, improving relationships with clients etc.
  • Students: Good memory power, mind concentrations & focused attention in studies and their goal.
  • Homemaker: Create a Sacred space & environment in your home with the divine energies of Meditation. Transformation in own personality & access bars for more peace & joy .

24 Abundance Block
Clearing blocks to welcome abundance

Abundance Block 1 : Clearing blocks to welcoming abundance
Abundance Block 2 : Clearing doubt and fear
Abundance Block 3 : Clearing the fear of change
Abundance Block 4 : Clearing money zapping decisions
Abundance Block 5 : Clearing fear of growth
Abundance Block 6 : Clearing fear of success
Abundance Block 7 : Clearing fear of rejection
Abundance Block 8 : Clearing fear of numbers
Abundance Block 9 : Clearing indecision
Abundance Block 10 : Clearing feeling stuck
Abundance Block 11 : Getting clear on your values
Abundance Block 12 : Getting clear on the future
Abundance Block 13 : Clear clutter
Abundance Block 14 : Clear family blocks
Abundance Block 15 : Clear blame
Abundance Block 16 : Discover the ultimate you
Abundance Block 17 : Generate your future self
Abundance Block 18 : Turning Blocks into profits
Abundance Block 19 : Clearing self sabotage
Abundance Block 20 : Clearing lack of self worth
Abundance Block 21 : Clearing your financial mess
Abundance Block 22 : Clearing financial illusions
Abundance Block 23 : Clearing the fear of scarcity
Abundance Block 24 : Clearing blocks to welcoming abundance

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