You are what you write

Change Handwriting = Changed Personality

What is Graphology?

Insights about the real meaning of your handwriting

Graphology is handwriting analysis that lets you explore a new and intriguing world that deals with the astounding potential of the human personality.

Graphology is the study of how an individual’s handwriting indicates their character traits. This is based on the psychological concept of ‘deviance’. The way we learn to write in school is standard. School teachers teach their students to write in a uniform way. Nevertheless, we usually choose to ‘deviate’ from how the teacher taught us. This is why every individual's handwriting reflects what is unique about them.

Discover your true-self with Graphology

How you write can indicate over 5000 diverse personality traits. Handwriting is in fact brain writing.
When you write, your handwriting tells a lot more of what your brain speaks.

Handwriting can be effectively used for self-discovery which in turn helps you in self-improvement by helping you understand yourself, your personality, your interests, your aspirations, your dreams, your fears and your weakness. By changing your actions it is possible to create changes in thoughts and changed thoughts will bring desired changes in personality.

Graphology - To add value to your life

Graphology is not just limited to handwriting, it comprises symbols drawn/written, signature, drawings and doodles.

This technique is beneficial to everyone in their personal and professional life.The study of handwriting and handwriting analysis is gaining popularity as an increasingly used technique for assessment of workforce in organizations. Graphology is a reliable and effective indicator of behavior and personality traits and proves to be beneficial tool for several organizational processes including interviewing and selection, employee assessment, recruitment, career planning, team-building and counselling.

Graphology Consulting, Analysis and Solutions

We provide solutions and consultancy services to those who seek our help in terms of analyzing the handwriting of a person at a personal level or at a corporate level.

For Corporates

Recruitment and retention of right people for jobs has been of utmost priority in corporate and companies. Graphology can be leveraged by corporate as a scientific tool for:

  • Recruitment, Promoting or Transfers
  • Employee Relations
  • Improve teamwork & productivity
  • Identifying good leader
  •
  • Objective data for reviews
  • Profile prospective of business partners or customers
  • Identify the guilty party, within the workplace
  • Unbiased picture of team members
  • Employees’ interests and abilities
  • Identify applicant’s attitude toward authority
  • Identify “red flags” such as dishonesty, lack of integrity, drug abuse, potential for violence

On a personal level

  • Revealing the personality & character
  • Willpower and determination
  • Ego and motivation
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Temperament and work pattern
  • Emotions
  • Planning and decision making
  • Interpersonal / communication skills
  • Areas of development / improvement
  •
  • Help determine the advantages and disadvantages of the psychological side
  • Choosing a subject and the work

What does it analyse?

Ego, self-worth, high / low goals

Interactions with other people
Sympathy, social ability, diplomacy

Drive and energy
Persistence, ambition, enthusiasm, work / physical drive

Potential problem areas
Argumentative, tempering, guilty feelings

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.