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The Power Of Distance Healing

Expand your awareness to attract right kind of energy and perform energy healing.

Are you feeling unwell? or feeling a little down? or you know anyone who could benefit from distance healing?
Please feel free to contact me.

How does distance healing work?
Ancient Secrets: The Truth About Energy Healing & Distance Healing.

Energy is all around us

We are energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and these affect the state of our health. and when we need to heal our physical bodies, we do so by applying the right energy healing techniques to raise our vibration to correspond with the energy of well-being.

Energy is Medicine

Energy healing has been used by ancient healers since the dawn of mankind. Modern science is finally catching up, thanks to quantum theory. It is recognizing that energy is medicine. Modern medicine considers energy healing to be a ‘new’ field of study, but it uses energy unwittingly for healing.

Instantly Creating a Higher Vibration

Similar energies attract each other. If you are vibrating at a predominantly negative frequency, you will attract correspondingly negative energy in the form of unwanted circumstances, unhappy relationships and poor health. Clearing out negative energy is done by introducing positive energy; i.e. raising your vibration in order to attract correspondingly high-vibrating energy.

Benefits of distance Healing

Few Of The benefits of distance energy healing

  • Healing can take place anywhere, anytime
  • No need to travel or leave one’s home
  • Proven efficacy in treating inexplicable or ‘invisible’ imbalances/illnesses
  • Brings vital energy and balance to the physical body
  • Reinstates depleted energy levels
  • Strong element of privacy if you feel like releasing energy by shaking, bouncing, laughing or crying
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How distance healing helped Seema overcome her pain, stress in USA?

Last week the right side of my face and neck along my jawline to my chin swelled. The pressure and pain was terrible. My head and face were distorted. It was hurting so much and I needed a quick relief.

Somehow I managed to sit up and called SNEHA. I told her what was going on. SNEHA genuinely and quickly responded to my request and offered me a distance healing session. During this time, I relaxed on my bed at home in Texas while she worked on me remotely from Mumbai, India.

She called me back in about 45 minutes and the pain I was experiencing subsided gradually. I could feel on my body what she was doing so many miles away and this is awesome. Thanks SNEHA for this delightful experience.

Sending positive Healing & love energy to you

Are you Open To Receive it?

These sessions can be conducted in person or at a distance depending on your needs. A short consultation (1 hour phone call assistance) is included beforehand to confirm what energy healing modalities are best combined for addressing your situation and needs. Your input is valued as we create the approach together.

Energy techniques used may include one or more of the following:
Reiki, Sacred Heart Soul Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Karmic Clearing and Soul Reintegration, Energy Clearing, Tibetan Chakra Toning, and Energetic Scanning.

Rhythmic Weekly Distance Series
For Individuals


Individual sessions are a lot of fun as we get to concentrate on you. You may signup for sessions as a gift for your loved ones.

INR 3888 (30 min session)

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Rhythmic Weekly Distance Series
For Family / Group


The energy comes in from the collective consciousness of a group of people. Children and pets are always welcome, too.

INR 3888 (30 min session)

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