Creative Transformation & Core Transformation

Creative Transformation & Core Transformation

Design your Personality & Your Life

22 Sessions / 44 hours Program

This 44 HOURS intensive core transformation program is intended only for those who are ready to experience life-altering shifts and radical transformation! Where are you stuck? Unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs … or maybe all of the above? Do you hate your job, your body, or your relationships? Do you crave a life of inspiration, love, self-acceptance, and fun? Then this program is for you!

Custom tailored to your specific needs, this program uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, and Reconnection healing, Sound Healing all of which lead to a complete Core Transformation.

What’s included?

  • Consultation prior to start of program to determine specific goals and desired results (2 hours)
  • 16 sessions- two-hour in-office sessions (every week)
  • 10 Sessions - 60-minute coaching sessions over phone or Skype (3 sessions every week)
  • Support via email between sessions for the duration of the program
  • Weekly inner exploration and self-discovery assignments

About Core Transformation

Core Transformation with Hypnosis, creative Visualization, EFT & HeartMath Scientific Tool can take you on a healing inner journey. Through this process, you are guided through simple steps designed to help you release and resolve even the most deeply entrenched problems. Core Transformation Hypnosis helps you to see your most challenging problems as a pathway to creating the change you desire. This process gently leads to an experience of greater understanding of your roadblocks and provides tools for resolving negative emotions associated with those challenges. With Building Personal Resilience Program, you can access your magnetic heart power to face daily challenge in your life.

Why try Core Transformation?

This type of Program with Hypnosis & other powerful tool can help you with a variety of challenges, such as:

  • Changing problem emotions and behaviours;
  • Issues around food, eating, and body image;
  • Improving relationships;
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety;
  • Healing addictions;
  • Finding fulfilling work;
  • Improving all aspects of health; and
  • Creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being.

Creative Transformation & Core Transformation is a wonderfully gentle, yet powerful process that can be used to better understand and shift any unwanted feeling, behaviour, or response. I believe our feelings connect us with our own inner wisdom. Often, we can misinterpret our own negative feelings and this can cause us to act out in unhealthy ways. Through the Core Transformation process, we can excavate through the layers to uncover the core of this negative behaviour and from there transform it into something positive.

experience radical transformation

Let go of any unwanted feeling, behaviour, or response

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Private Phone or Skype Coaching

You can begin the process of making dramatic changes in your life from the privacy of your home or office, anywhere in the world.

I offer telephone / Skype or In-person coaching sessions (60 min).

During these sessions, I listen intuitively for the speed, tone and words that you communicate. As a skilled coach, I help you uncover your own power and self-knowledge in these highly-effective sessions.

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